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Equipping Believers, Mobilizing the Church and Worshipping Christ

As a community-centered church, Christ Missionary Baptist Church partners with community-based organizations and other churches to fulfill a common calling. We believe in meeting the needs of God's people by proclaiming the kingdom of God through action with love, and we believe in uniting to work together. We mirror the kingdom of God on earth when we work alongside each one another.


God loves the Church.

Christ loves the local Church so much that He gave Himself up for her. the Church can’t be undervalued. We recognize our role as an expression of God’s love throughout the community. We’re the people of God committed to doing what Jesus did: meeting needs and proclaiming the kingdom of God. We partner with others who share in the mission to meet people right where they are with the love of Christ.


God made us for partnership.

Jesus sent his disciples out in twos. Why? Because they could pick up one another, pray over each other, hold one another accountable, and rejoice together when the kingdom of God advanced. Through the partnership Christ Missionary Baptist Church has established with organizations and local churches, we’ve seen the truth, beauty, and blessing of the word of God shift the hearts of our entire city.


When we work together we can do more than if we work alone. If you or someone you know is connected to Christ Missionary Baptist Church, let's connect and share innovative ways we can be a blessing to the body of Christ by working together. Get in touch with our Church Engagement Coordinator, and they will work with you to determine what partnering with Christ Missionary and our community can look like.

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